Summer Stuff

Today i’ll be talking about My favorite place San Diego,Ca and im telling you guys were to go (optional) Heres the link to my Video:


What you would do in your summer?

I think you should in my opinion is go to a San Diego.Why you should go there is because They have very good food and very very nice beaches. Like I did today went to the beach i had a awesome time and there food is good. I had pesto Pasta with chicken and the pesto is fresh.But what you need for desert is Cannoils, if you don’t know what this is its waffle cones vertical with creme filling in it.

Thank you!!,






Jacobs first day

Seven things about me


Hi, my name is Jacob,

My favorite thing to do is play with my friends and play soccer. I love my dog, mom, dad and myself.  My dogs name is Annabelle. My favorite place to go to is San Diego,CA because they have Cannolis and have a very nice beach.i also play video game.The video games i play is CSGO, Minecraft, GMOD, and Roblox

My favorite color is green.